Submit your Station to Internet Radio Directories

Once you have your Internet radio station up and running the next step is to promote your station and get more listeners by submitting your details to Internet radio directories.

  • If you are streaming with SHOUTcast V1 your station will automatically get added to the SHOUTcast directory.
  • Icecast also has an automatic option to be listed on the Icecast directory.
  • With SHOUTcast V2 you can submit specific information via the SHOUTcast Interface to be listed on the SHOUTcast directory.
  • You can choose to be listed or not listed on these directories by selecting ‘public’.

This is a great starting point but there are many other Internet radio directories you can submit your information to and grow a wider audience.

Submit your information to as many directories as possible and get your radio station heard.


TuneIn radio directory is 1 of the most important directories to get your station listed on.

As well as the directory listing, your station can be played through the TuneIn app available on Iphone and Android devices. TuneIn is also available on smart TV’s.

You can submit your Internet radio station to TuneIn by clicking here.


A growing platform for Internet Radio listings with thousands of stations ordered by genre.

You can Submit your Internet radio station to InternetRadio by clicking here

Windows Media Radio

  • Your station name
  • Your business name
  • Your web site address
  • Your country or territory
  • Please confirm that your station complies with your applicable territories’ (country’s) laws
  • Please confirm your station is 24×7
  • What is your current user traffic to your station(s)?
  • How many stations do you currently have and what genres?
  • A direct streaming link to the station you are submitting

*MP3 only. Submit your station and port without the .pls extension IE

You can submit your Internet radio information by emailing the above to [email protected]

Streaming The Net

A great place to get your station discovered in different countries around the world.

You can also list your streaming TV station as well as radio stations.

Click here to add your channel to


Over 70,000 Online radio stations listed on the Streema directory.

Click here to submit your info to Streema


A simple directory for radio and TV streaming stations

Click here to add your details to Delicast

Online Radio and TV Station directory that includes it’s own IOS and Android apps for listeners to tune in to.

Click here to submit your details to

Filter Music

Listing of popular underground electronic and dance music radio stations around the world.

Click here to submit your Internet radio station to Filter Music

Radio Tower

A simple directory listing thousands of radio stations.

Click here to submit your Internet radio station to Radio Tower

Screamer Radio

Over 4000 stations listed by date, country and genre.

Click here to suggest your Internet radio station to Screamer Radio

Radio Guide

An easy to use directory with online radio player.

Click here to submit your Internet radio station to RadioGuide.FM

Live Online Radio

A wide range of Online Radio stations listed by country, language and genre.

Click here to submit your Internet radio station to Live Online Radio

Live Radio

An Irish based directory listing radio stations all over the world.

Click here to add your Internet radio station to Live Radio


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